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The majority of our work is providing electrical supply and services to all facets of the oil field industry. Some of our work includes: Pole line construction, analyzing power systems, automation, along with maintenance and repair services. We make sure that our services will meet your projected deadlines.

We work mainly in the Kilgore area which allows a quick response to any power outage, which decreases any downtime that may happen. When any electrical problems happen in the oil fields we want to get your operation up and running to its full capacity as quickly as possible, thus eliminating downtime.

Woodbine Electric Co knows all the rules and regulations of the electrical field. Our team of local electricians know the laws of which we abide by, and keep your company completely up to code, which in turn provides you the utmost safety on the job.

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Are you interested in hiring an electrical team of experts, and would like to get a quote for your job? Get in touch with us using the form below, and we will get back to you shortly.

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